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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 4, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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engaged in breeding several of their endangered species, including the blue crown and victoria crown pigeon. >> in terms of the crown pigeon. it's the modern day version of >> hi there. the do-do bird. a good saturday morning to you. >> caring for the birds is i'm katie marzullo low. expensive. >> unless we get supported by the public, there will be no we will take a quick look at the pandemonium and we won't be able weather. looks like it will be another to save these birds. >> that's dan ashley reporting. beautiful day. the avery is opening its doors lease arrange. >> good morning. for a special mother's day event above 1,000 feet relative and the proceeds will go to continuing the program. humidity is very low, 15%. for tickets or to make a donation go to abc7 and northeast winds could gust from click on see it on tv. it appears anti-bacterial 40 to 50 miles an hour. this is until 3:00 in the soap could do more harm than afternoon. then the winds will quickly subside. good. as you said, overall it will be after more than 40 years on the market the fda now says it is a much more comfortable day with a late day sea breeze. temperatures will stay in the reviewing whether a popular 60s at the coast. low to mid-60s here around the anti-bacterial chemical, found bay. 70ths and 80s inland. in everything from soaps to body washes to toothpaste could be so big changes today. harmful.
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still lots of sunshine, but by it could increase the risk of the end of the day we will look at the southerly surge. some problems or cause low clouds and fog coming back. infertility in people. the soap and detergent industry we are talking about not only cooler weather tomorrow, a chance of showers. call the concerns overblown. i'll tell but it coming up with >> the fact is triclosan is the seven-day outlook coming up in a few minutes. katie. >> that will be good news and all the firefighters going on safe. >> and while the fda said animal around the state. as a new red flag warning is studies don't always predict posted this morning in the north effects in consumers, consumers bay, fire crews in san jose are watching a brush fire they put are questioning why it is being used at all. the fda adds there's no evidence out to make sure it doesn't start up again. it was just south of east ridge the anti-bacterial products are field and burned through the any better than regular soap and field. we show you the aggressive water. as for what to do, experts say response that kept homes from don't use the products with burning. >> sky 7hd looks down over the brush fire that burn more than triclosan unless you have to. 30 acres just across the street from eastridge mall. just use plain old soap. >> as you know in parts of the coming up, a famous singer bay area we are in a red flag lending his voice to a new local warning. the weather conditions are study helping veterans suffering almost extreme and this fire was from posttraumatic stress spreading rapidly when fire disorder. and the push to save a historic crews arrived. >> a crowd gathered to see what post office in berkeley. what was happening as the flames
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spread, coming dangerously close to a mobile home park. >> my mom lives in the first row and the cloud of smoke was coming right at us. it was actually about ten feet away from the fence line there. i started watering down the mobile home. it was really scary. >> two people were treated for smoke inhalation but there were no other injuries and no structures caught fire. at least not this time. >> we have fires here every year. usually we have multiple fires here in a year. >> this has happened three times last year, and i understand that it's already happened one time. in a way i'm kind of glad it's over. >> you heard the fire captain say this spread very quickly. that's what happens when it is this hot and dry outside. the best thing people can do is call 911 at the earliest sign of smoke. abc7 news. >> developing news out of southern california. firefighters are hoping an increase in humidity today will help them fire a raging battle fire in ventura county.
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the springs fire has tripled in size thins yesterday. it's an area almost as big as san francisco. 15 homes have been damaged and flames damage 4,000 more. the fire is 20% contained. firefighters believe it mighty more than a week to bring it under control. more than 900 firefighters are on the front lines in steep coastalter rains. the fire has moved toward the ocean so that's some good news since it broke out thursday. the flames jumped the pacific coast highway at one point and the highway is closed. nearly a dozen bay area strike teams are either in southern california right now or, are on their way there to lend a hand. fire departments throughout the state participate in a system in which aid and resources are >> thanks for joining us. provided to county whose here meteorologist lisa argen. resources are overwhelmed. >> hello, katie. the champ edges are fierce. winds above 1,000 feet today >> fuel, type, the dryness, right up to 3:00 this morning. weather, temperature, humidity, relative humidity running low and the wind gusts from 40 to wind. all of those things play major factors in our success. 50 miles an hour. by the later afternoon hours not
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mother nature is really who only are we talking about a wind controls our success. shift but the winds will be subsiding in the upper nearly 250 men and women elevations and all around the from the bay area are pitching bay area today we are talking about a cooler day. in to help in the fire fight. so much comfortable weather. a fire broke out in we aren't looking at any records. hillsborough last night. in fact, a return to the onshore it started just before five in the back of a house on black flow later, bringing some pretty mountain drive. owner tells us his family and nice daily high temperatures. pets got out safely, but they around the bay today anywhere from the 70s to upper 70s to weren't the only ones affected. flames damaged the house next near 80. door and flying embers called oakland 77 today. coastside we are looking at low small spot fires on a few other to mid-60s. homes. a big change. cause of the original fire is sunny skies to start but then under investigation. the low clouds and fog will move up the coast from the south. it's not quite time to celebrate, but the bay area is our inland east bay remaining close to hosting the 2016 super warm. mid-to upper 80s. bowl. but we will look at the warmest that, after competitors in miami day of the week today, maybe fumbled late in the game. showers tomorrow. katie. >> interesting. alan wong said a huge break thank you, lisa. also new this morning santa rosa fire stations are staffing for yesterday when florida lawmakers failed to come up with the big red flag conditions, including play. >> the confidence is flowing, stations of that been partially closed over the past two years. but santa clara mayor matthews the california press democrat isn't popping champagne corks reports $2.6 million in federal yet. >> i have taken the foil off the grant money will staff station cork and inserted a twist. 10 in southwest santa rosa and you know, really.
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station 11 year santa rosa but i have not put my thumbs on the bottom of it but hopefully junior college. also nine new recruits will help after the 21st i will have man those two stations every good reason to do so. day. a reopening ceremony and open >> that's when the nfl votes on house is planned for 11:00 this morning. berkeley city officials are the new city to have the 2016. calling for a halt to the sale of berkeley's historic post the odds for santa clara just got better after its only office. the postal service has approved the sale of the downtown competitor, miami, dropped the ball. at the end of it's session the berkeley building as part of a series of cutbacks to reduce florida state legislature failed costs and generate revenue. to vote on an nfl request of nearly 3500 post offices across the u.s. have been slated for $350 in renovation to renovation close you shall or sale. stadium. south florida super bowl bid opponents fear it's only the beginning. >> this is ridiculous. committee stadium tweeted i'm it will lead to the privatization of a optimistic about it but talk constitutionally mandated, basic about fourth down on the public service in this country. four-yard line with a few >> berkeley mayor, tom base, and seconds to go. >> florida has had ten super other elected officials signed a bowls and i wouldn't count them letter to the postal service calling for a moratorium on the out yet. >> santa clara is clearly in the sale of all historic post driver's seat to host the offices across the country. championship in 2016 and some >> about 160 new wal-mart jobs local fans think it's just the beginning. are coming to the east bay. >> think i if we have one super giant retailer is opening a new
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bowl here we will have many, neighborhood market in pleasanton in july and another many more here because people will fall in love with the in vallejo sometime this summer. place. >> but there is a very slim temporary hiring centers have opened up near each location for chance thatheim could get private funding, nfl financing full time and part-time or the state could call a positions. the pleasanton store has a special session and vote on renovating the stadium. hiring center. i'm alan wong reporting in santa and the vallejo store is under clara, abc7 news. construction where a mervin's caltran's problems with the new bay bridge appear to be getting worse. the failure of 32 rods back in store closed. march has led to an wal-mart plans to open two more investigation of more than 2,000 neighborhood market stars in of them. vacaville by fall. how that will affect the president obama gave his countdown to the bridge's weekly address from mexico city where he's calling for stronger scheduled opening sun clear. now down to just 121 days away. economic and trade ties with southern neighbors. more from abc7 news this morning he's in costa rica where he will speak and take transportation reporter heather ishimaru. questions at a growth and >> the galvanized high strength development forum n mexico this week he talk about expanding rod are produced in a way that u.s. trade in latin america, makes them susceptible to including proposed changes in breaking in a marine u.s. immigration policy, which was the subject of a recent environment. of the more than 123 installed, senate bill. the bill provides a pathway to only 32 have broken, but caltran is now reviewing quality control citizenship for immigrants already living in the united tests for all of them and doing states, which the president additional testing. considers mandatory.
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it also strengthens security at in 2004 caltran updated its the border which republicans bridge design specifications or insist upon. and it would modernize our manual banning the use of this legal immigration system so we type of bolt. yet they were installed four are able to reunite families and years later. still caltran said using them attract the highly skilled was perfectly acceptable. >> manuals for building entrepreneurs that will help pay anything, but particularly good paying jobs and grow our bridges, get updated often. economy. these are the majority of steps some get updated annually. americans report. there's no reason immigration if we stopped and changed the reform can't become reality this material every time there was an update, we would still be year. >> the vast majority of the designing this bridge, not building it. >> the review of the suspect rods is the latest in a series 11 million immigrants illegally in the united states all from of construction fumbles that would seem to threaten the latin america and-of them are schedule labor day weekend from mexico alone. opening. it might be that a regular but that decision hasn't been workout can go a long way in made yet. >> vehicles will not be put on treating military veterans with this structure until we have posttraumatic stress disorder. determined it is 100 percent safe. researchers at uccf and the >> former caltran spokesman and veterans health research institute are using brain scans abc7 news bay bridge consultant before and after workouts to bart said it's not just of the measure changes in the brain. yesterday they gathered a group of veterans for a demonstration. caltran monitoring the work, there are third party inspectors no drugs, just an hour of as well. exercise three times a week for caltran should be able to explain to the taxpayers what twelve weeks. they say the workouts can happened. >> there has been thorough
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stimulate the growth of new inspection on this. what the agencies have to answer neurons and diminish the symptoms of ptsd. is why were these type of bolts >> it's a new treatment we are chosen. >> dan mcnickel is a kind of trying to use, no drugs, no therapy, no side effects but third party. not an inspector but a writer. work outs can have a big impact he wrote a best selling book on the veterans reaction. about boston's big dig. >> i feel better mentally, he has a construction of the physically. i have a connection with my $23 billion transportation project in his emeryville conned fellow veterans they work out with. we can laugh and joke while we dough. this is a mock-up of the bay are on this thing and talk about all the pain we are in, but we bridge book he has researched and hopes to write. are all releasing the energy. he said what's happening on the bridge now is typical of >> singer songwriter john mayer megaprojects. the big dig was done in segment. showed up for the demonstration. he has adopted ptsd as a cause, the opening day for every one of them was delayed. donating his time and money. researchers at ibm in >> they are no longer a pioneer in land and territory. san jose have created the it's a pioneer in technology, world's smallest movie. and this bridge, and caltran is a product of moving individual the owner of it, the pushing atoms to tell a story. business and technology reporter edge of engineering on a david louie gives us an inside magnificent scale. look. >> heather ishimaru, abc7 news. >> at first glance it looks like an early attempt at animation >> it's been a week since a but you are looking at something little girl was stabbed on her truly revolutionary. home. the sticks and what appears to the town remains on edge since be a ball but is actually an at the killer has not been tom are made of single atoms identified but they say they are close to releasing a sketch.
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being manipulated on an ordinary desktop computer. ribbons are wrapped around >> it takes days or months to almost every tree in town in set up to move individual atoms memory of the little girl who but once we have it set up, it's was murdered last saturday. they are waiting for test results to come back on the easy, it takes autofew seconds. the click of a mouse, drag the killer's dna. they say it's a tough case to at tom to a new spot and let it go. crack. >> scientists at abm research in her brother is the key witness. >> i feel we are getting closer and closer everyday and we have san jose valley have been to rely on some of the physical studying how the small at comes evidence, the dna prints, et behave. it used to be the number of cetera, et cetera. based on my own experiences as atoms could be as small as an investigator years ago, twelve and manipulating more sometimes these cases get a little frustrating and all of a atoms could open more doors. sudden you get a little break. we will look for the one break. they took a single at tom and >> yesterday workers cleared magnified it 100 million times away tall grass around her home. to manipulate it. it made it the equivalent of an a sign that investigators are orange but the orange would be still combing for evidence. they decline to say if the the equivalent of the entire murder weapon has been recovered. alameda police have arrested planet earth. moving an at tom creates an a man following a bizarre series i attacks and a bank robbery interesting noise. it's kind of like a d.j. attempt at a local shopping scratching movie tracks. center. they speculate the science they said the crime scene unfolded in a matter of minutes behind this might lead to tiny
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yesterday afternoon. mass storage devices. >> reporter: police say two men >> it could be devices continue drove to this chase bank and one went inside for some cash but to shrink as they have and we when he went back to the car, he are pushing hard to make the current technologying shrink and and his buddies started be less expensive and less fighting. >> the subject in the front passenger seat pulls out a knife intrusive every day and we are trying to jump ahead of the day they are so small they are at the ultimate limit of smallness. and stabs the driver, who was >> they hope the movie will the victim, in the area of the throat. capture the imagination of young >> the man with the knife hopped people. >> it's a project that's really out of the car and ran off into the parking lot. nice because you could make a witnesses went over to the movie that a lot of kids to see victim and they called 911. but the story doesn't end here. and enjoy and it's hard to do with a lot of other science police say the suspect then ran all the way back over to the chase bank and he demanded cash projects so it's a great opportunity for us to get from a teller. excited about science and she refused, so the knife mathematics. >> abc7 news. much more coming up on abc7 wielding robber demanded money from a summer instead. news. up next we will introduce you to >> he hold a knife in the back the bay area catholic woman who of the customer's neck, demands is prepared to be excommunicated money to him. the customer proceeds to hand in her quest to make history. over money to the suspect and and here's our live look from then a fight ensues between the the suit tremendous cam. a beautiful morning. it's actually going to be the customer and the suspect. warmest day today of the next
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seven days, but then rain >> the man tried to get away but tomorrow. very confusing. lisa argen is going to give you police responding to the earlier everything you need to 911 call were able to catch him quickly. he was brought to the hospital for the injuries suffered in the scuffle and he's now at police headquarters facing felony charges, including robbery and assault. abc7 news. meteorologist lease -- lisa area general is keeping track of your weather this morning. >> one more day of gusty winds. yesterday 11 records set or tied and today we will look at much cooler conditions in parts of the bay area. here's a look from the sutro camera. still a red flag warning above 1,000 feet for the hills of the north bay. we will talk about that. the changing temperatures and chance of showers for several days in the seven-day outlook. ail have that for you coming up. >> governor brown is under fire over the state's prison population. what critics have to say about his plan to get the problem under control.
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>> welcome back. there are red flag alerts going on, and we just might get some relief but not until we've had another hot day. lisa argen will explain coming up. the new bishop of the oakland diocese says he plans to visit jails and soup kitchens to better understand oakland's crime problem. he was introduced to the staff of the diocese yesterday. he grew up and was ordained a priest in san francisco 28 years ago. he's the first jesuit priest.
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>> i would like to visit the county jails and i would like to participate in our soup kitchens and in catholic charities by getting my hands dirty by >> there is a new plan on how to handing out food, washing pots reduce the state's prison and pans. population. >> he will be installed on but nannette miranda reports, may 25th at christ of the prisoners claim the governor is breaking the law and they want light church. him arrested. female priests have been excluded from the catholic it's not a good plan, but church but in 2002 the women's it's the best of the worst. priest movement went against >> threatened with contempt of court, the brown administration vatican and began to ordain submitted under protest a female bishops and priests. 46-page plan to release prison this around a san ramon woman will be the first to become overcrowding. >> the state says california has already shed 42,000 inmates ordained in southern california. since 2006 and that the prison >> she's like a teenager before healthcare system is up to constitutional standards. but the federal courts still prom night trying out the vestment she will wear during demand that the population be her holy ceremony. the first female priest to be reduced another 9300 by the end of this year. a move that could jeopardize ordained in northern california.
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>> in nearly 2,000 years. public safety. >> i'm disappointed that the judges have not taken an [laughter] >> that's how long ago jesus in-depth look at what all we selected his disciples. have done. >> it relies on finding more the 59-year-old marine man -- beds by renting space at county jail or out-of-state prisons. it also increases good time credits so offenders can be released sooner and the state marine mancuso. can expand the criteria for paroling the sick and elderly. >> i think it's 46 pages of excuses and whining. >> inmate advocates and diane, also a priest, came from attorneys say it still provides washington state to witness the ceremony. >> my whole joy about being unconstitutional care and calls bishop is to be able to ordain the plan inadequate. without a long firm fix they other women into the priesthood. want governor brown thrown in that's like, wow, for me. jail for failure to address the long-term problem. >> if any of us simply told the >> whalen became a priest in courts go away, go away, we 2010. >> it's right up there with the birth of my children and wedding would be in contempt. he is in contempt. day. it was an amazing, amazing time >> the brown administration add mets they are about 25 inmates of coming into who i am. >> the movement to ordain women short. the next key, the state has to submit a list of low risk began 11 years ago in germany. today there are about 150 of offenders over the next several them around the world.
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weeks. judges can use it to order early this is where mancuso will be release. it's an option if the judges don't accept the plan. ordained, the lafayette the problem is most low risk christian church. it's not a catholic church offenders have already been because that would go against canon law. >> we don't recognize that as a shifted to county jail. >> the only remaining low risk people left in the system are valid ordination. people you might consider so i pray for those people, i serious and violent offenders. pray they would return to the >> governor brown is hoping to fold of the roman catholic avoid this by winning a separate church. >> some of these so-called law school that seeks to regain control of the prison system. dissidents of the catholic church are being featured in abc7 news. mainstream magazines. customers at a department >> all the women who are store cafe in san francisco may ordained, they have been called have been exposed to typhoid by god. fever. if we are being called by god, an employee at the nordstrom who are men to say we are not? cafe in the galleria tested >> mancuso will eventually be positive for typhoid and worked at the cafe while he was sick. excommunicated by the roman officials warn if you ate there catholic church. during the last two weeks of that's something, she says, she april and have developed flu can live with. like systems or a rash, you in san ramon, lyanne melendez, should see a doctor. a bay area company is hoping abc7 news. >> lisa argen keeping track of to hit the market soon with a your forecast this morning, and, medical device that may fulfill boy, is there a lot going on and the prom of science fiction. changes ahead. >> big changes. you can see the beginning of day it's an all-in-one scanner for
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light about a half-hour away. your health. fog along the coast, half-mile carolyn johnson has the details. >> this is the scan. visibility. san mateo coast of the right now >> this small hand-held device looking for mt. tam, you see a isn't exactly like having a little bit of wind. a red flag warning above doctor in your pocket but 1,000 feet in the hills of the biomedical engineer believes north bay. we will talk about cooler and it's getting there. hold it to your forehead and the fire danger and rain all when we return. scanner reads and records >> thanks, lisa. critical data about your health also next, the sharks battle the canucks in overtime in game two displayed at wave forms on a of their playoff series. smartphone. >> the top one is eeg signal could the men in teal take a 2-0 which is the electrical impulse series lead? larry of your heart. every time the heart beats there's a pulse. >> it shoots pulls of light into the skin and filters the wavelengths coming back to extract a lot of readings. all determined bial go rhythms in the software. it's the brainchild of walter, who founded the sunnyvale company three years ago. >> basically the combination of these vital signs give them a very good insight in how do you feel? >> to some it may seem both futuristic and familiar. >> heart damn.
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>> 21st century of the tri-corder. >> it is a boom of wearable devices and flicks to help consume he is improve their health. while none are likely to replace regular visits to the doctor, it could evolve into a monitoring system built into the smartphone. >> while talking the phone will listen. the phone will measure. the phone will sniff even. all these things together may give you an alert. >> and that was carolyn johnson reporting. the scan-a-do is undergoing fda trials and the company hopes to have it on the market later this year. cinco de mayo festival is today in the mission district. there will be a latin and american foods, music and
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artwork. it's alcohol free and typically draws more than 10,000 people. visitors are encouraged to take bart or muni or ride a bicycle to the celebration. >>. >> san jose sell traits cinco de mayo tomorrow and police are closing downtown some major streets and roads for safety. fourth street and downtown market street will be closed, along with major sections of king road for traffic control. while the celebration is taking place, sharks fans will flat the shark tank for game three of the nhl playoffs with the sharks up two games to none over vancouver. both events planned extra >> welcome back, everyone. security so plan on taking more it's 5:46 on this saturday time to get to either event. morning. you are looking live from our lisa argen joining us now. how is the weather looking this exploratorium cam. skyline of san francisco. weekend for cinco de mayo? the sun is starting to come up >> we are talking about big-time on what is going to be a warm and beautiful day. changes. but lots of changes in store. beginning today. we will still see 80s today. lisa argen will have that for you coming up in just a few it will be almost the only day in the seven-day outlook we see minutes. a prototype of a plane that 80s. we are looking at potential high could travel from new york to los angeles in under an hour was fire danger once again. we talk about that at the top of tested this week. the hour. on wednesday a b-52 bomber took
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live 7 doppler hd not look at off from edwards air force base cloud cover. we will look at it tomorrow for and watch as it releases what the possibility of a few appears to be a thin silver raindrops through monday and tuesday as an upper level low bomb. no, it's really a plane, an undercuts the dominant ridge of unmanned x-51a wave rider. high pressure that is bringing the record heat. here's a look from our the rider hit five times the exploratorium cam. speed of sound. we looking at a wide range of that's more than 3500 miles an temperatures from upper 40s in hour before crashing into the half moon bay to the lower 60s pacific. such a plane may never be used commercially. to san jose. it takes a lot of fuel, as you 54 san francisco, 59 in oakland. might imagine, and there are it's 49 in santa cruz. environmental concerns and issues, as well. a solar powered airplane 90s yesterday. today barely 70 degrees at the beaches. touched down in phoenix early so we are looking at big time this morning, competing the changes. here's emeryville where we are first leg of it's cross-country journey. looking at clear conditions, 48 the solar impulse took off in napa, 54 fairfield and 58 in union city. moffett field in mountain view yesterday morning. 55 in los gatos and lower 50s they say it's the first plane in santa rosa. right now we are talking about that can fly completely without clear skies. this evening the fog will be with us. we are looking at sunny and fuel. the cellar batteries can power cooler temperatures in between the plane day or night. now and this evening, but that the plane will eventually make it to new york. southerly surge is coming back tonight. lots of interesting things that's going to bring the low clouds, the fog, and then a weak happening in the skies above us. the weather is no exception. lisa, what is going on?
5:21 am
weather system moving in from >> a little fog along the coast. the east, which is kind of high fire danger in the hills of unusual. it will bring us a chance of the north bay. showers as soon as the late cooler temperatures for everyone and maybe rain tomorrow as we overnight hours. look at live doppler 7hd. at any time here's a look where we are compared to yesterday. a little cooler in the hills of it's nice and clear. the north bay. relative in the humidity up in also in concord. the north bay anywhere from 85 two to three degrees cooler at to 89%. sun coming up 6:10 and setting the airport as well. here's the setup. we've had a dominant ridge of 8:03. we are in good shape now but high pressure from the pacific. with the northeasterly winds that's moving to the north is west. blowing and the atmosphere when it does it allows for the drying out very, very quickly so area of low pressure to slide a red flag warning in effect right on in and situate itself off the coast by tomorrow. and the counter clockwise flow until 3:00 this afternoon above around that low not only 1,000 feet. bringing up the gusty winds, the numbers comfortable downtown in higher relative humidity, the mid-tuesday. looking at fog south of cloudier conditions and a chance san francisco. 59 san carlos. good morning san jose. of showers from tomorrow into a balmy 61. monday, possibility even 46 half moon bay with the low tuesday, a well. high temperatures today more clouds, you can barely make out comfortable in los angeles. emeryville this morning. 76. still some numbers in the upper temperatures range from the upper 40s in napa and 80s to chico to sacramento. mid-50s in fairfield so it's mid-60s for monterey. cooler, anywhere from two to 64 in the northern sierra. three degrees cooler around the we around talking about any records today. bay. 57 los gatos, and mid-50s in fact comfortable readings
5:22 am
from san jose. along the peninsula. 82. 81 santa clara and along the clear skies this morning. sunny and cooler today. the range will be about a peninsula it will get breezy with winds out of the south in the afternoon. 20-degree spread. lower temperatures in the low still above average and we are looking at a system that will 800 he is. 65 in pacifica. bring us a chance of showers not only tomorrow, but for the next san francisco nice afternoon with 70 for a high. several days. so some cool pockets of air won't be sweating it out today. in the north bay a little warm mainly in some of the valleys and we are looking at some of but certainly not as warm as yesterday. the fog forming along the coast. no 90s to be had. 84 in santa rosa. we are getting a pretty good look for 72 in sausalito. southerly surge later on today. that's going to bring the fog near east bay upper 70s in back. but we are looking at this big hayward and low 80s in castro dome of high pressure that brought the heat to be moving to valley. a nice afternoon. the north and west of us. temperatures running well above as that does, this area of low normal. this will be the last day, pressure will be undercutting though. 85 san ramon and pleasanton. that ridge and that will allow for a counter clockwise flow, looking ahead, a chance of bringing up not only a little showers coming in late tonight. bit of cloud cover, the it will stay with us for monday possibility of a few showers and tuesday. highs in the 50s coast, 1 increasing oriel at the humidity. all making for a much cooler forecast tomorrow and the next app's. several days, including a few a -- 70 #* 70 he is inland. spotty showers are possible gusty winds above 1,000 feet. right on through tuesday. we are looking at temperatures i'll let you know how hot it today to be the warmest that we will take my bicycle your
5:23 am
community. keep track of bay area weather will see out of the next seven. on twitter. here's a look at oakland for the by the afternoon the winds in week ahead. the north bay subside, but perhaps about 80 for today's southerly winds coming up, allowing for the cooling effect high temperature. then we are going down with the low clouds and fog. significantly into the 60s. we will climb back up. big transition day. it's not going to take two, >> some good news. >> yeah. three days. >> thanks, lisa. more like four or five days coming up, from toast to before we see a return to those 70s in parts of our east bay. toothpaste, new concerns about a high temperatures today in the common chemical. south bay look for 82 in the wa san jose. it's down significantly from the 90s yesterday in the santa clara valley. 81 redwood city. look for 63 in half moon bay. and the fog will be back by later on this afternoon. in fact getting breezy here throughout the day. 70 downtown. a nice afternoon in san francisco. up in the north bay look for highs ranging from the mid-and upper 80s in the warmest locations from ukiah to santa rosa. our beaches starting out sunny, then the fog heads up towards sin son and also point reyes. 80 union city and out over the hills the warmest numbers in the mid-and upper 80s. we are talking about
5:24 am
temperatures, the warmest today out of the next seven if you are headed to the game tonight look for numbers in the 60s. at 6:05 sun setting 8:03 and upper 50s by later on in the evening. here's the look ahead. notice mid-80s to upper 80s today. 80 around the bay. 60s coast. that's it. after that a slight chance of showers and much, much cooler, seasonal temperatures through the week and a bump up by the end of the week. >> we will look forward to that. in sports, the 139th kentucky derby will be run today at church hill downs t could be a historic race. s first black jockey will try to win in more than one hundred years and he rides golden sense. and goldie will try to become the first ever women to win the run for the rose when is she pilots my loop. last night the san jose sharks tried to take a commanding two game to none advantage this their playoff series against the
5:25 am
canucks. abc7 sports director larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everyone. >> tucked away in the hills is a high drama in vancouver bird sanctuary few people know about. yesterday. game two of the sharks lay they are trying to bring back playoff series with the canucks. endangered birds to bring back to the wild. the sharks would tie it in the it's not open very often but in final minute of regulation and this morning's assignment 67 win it in overtime. report, dan ashley has your welcome to game two. ticket in. >> walking into band monia edgardoedward alberts with the . averys, visitors are greeted by a course of contact else's, joe thornton somehow knocks it home while falling to the ice. screeches, and koos. they are surround by whimsy in 1-0, men in blue. the lossal toes hills. ryan kesler from the blue line but it isn't just a bird beats antti niemi, tied at 1. joe pavelski turns it over deep sanctuary, it's also michelle's in his own end. kesler makes him play. home. >> this bird is our official slap it. canucks up 2-1. version, which is pandemonium is late third period sharks pull niemi for the extra attacker. scramble in front. the something foreparts. patrick marleau ties it with 55 and we got the name before we seconds left. got pairs and knew it was the then in o. t., two-on-one, brett flock name foreparts. burns to raffi torres, the >> she got her first parrott in ex-canucks wins it.
5:26 am
1997. >> i didn't want to see it lie 3-2, sharks. they take the 2-0 series lead there waiting it to be run over by a car so i picked it up and and are coming home for game took it to a vet. three sunday in san jose. >> word spread quickly michelle the giants opened a three game set with the dodgers last was willing to help out injured or abandoned birds. >> one by one and ten which ten night. clayton kershaw started on metallica night. and metallica rocking out the and then hundreds started coming. >> her countless rescues led to national anthem. scoreless until the fifth. barry zito on the hill. pandemonium averys, a nonprofit organization. now volunteers help take care of nick punto smacks a base hit. the animals and maintain the dodgers up 1-0. averys. >> this is called the lost avery zito out in five innings. kershaw took a no-no into the because every time i go there i tell my husband this is the last fifth. marco scutaro would take care of that. long drive to triples alley. avery. we retired it at number nine and we now have 64 averys. buster posey follows up in the sixth with an rbi double. >> though pandemonium averys the exact same spot actually but would tie it up one a piece. still care for the sick and initial animals they took in. bottom of the ninth buster ends it. good night, game over, drive they no longer greet rescue birds. >> we release birds to the wild. home safely on orange friday. we are a conservation giants victorious, 2-1. the a's start ago ten-game organization. >> it's one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the united states. road trip facing vallejo's own the facility is home to more
5:27 am
than 360 birds and 70 endangered c.c. sabathia. first pitch of the game out of species. >> what we have here is the here. adam, deep to the left. his first homer of the season. pigeon. we have more than any other he's up 1-zip in a flash. derek norris lays as single to avery in the entire world. >> right now they are actively left. 2-0, athletics. a.j. griffin, struck out four. grant balfour strikes out nunez. a's victorious, 2-0. there will be a fight in los angeles tonight. here's a number to hype. floyd mayweather is guaranteed $32 million for this bout. he could make more. the official weigh-in and the stare down yesterday afternoon. the ghost listed as much as a 10 to 1 underdog. he doesn't care. he's ready to shock the world and floyd. >> i'm thinking about getting down! that's what i'm thinking did! time to rock & roll, man!
5:28 am
when we get in the ring, it's on, that's it? >> i come from a boxer family. it's in my blood. it's embedded in me. i'm ready to go out and and do what i do best and that's be victorious. >> $32 million guaranteed. mike shumann is here with all of your weekend highlights. enjoy your weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> the rolling stones nationwide tour heads to the bay area next week as you can see them as
5:29 am
5:30 am
>> new this morning, the legendary rolling stones is back on tour and their next stop is right here in the bay area ♪ rolling rock & roll and i like it ♪ >> they are performing for a third generation of fans and more than a thousand seats were sold at the last minute for only $85 when the promoter discovered extra room at the staples center. stones play tomorrow night in oakland and hp pavilion i will i don't know in san jose on wednesday. next at six, we continue to monitor the wildfires in southern california. how many acres have burned so far and how the bay area is
5:31 am
helping. and it's been a week sense the brutal killing of an 8-year-old girl. we will tell you where authorities are in their investigation.
5:32 am
5:33 am
>> good morning to you all. it's 6:00 a.m. on saturday. i'm katie marzullo. let's start off with a quick first look at the weather a lot of stuff happening out there. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, katie. we are looking at the winds pickingping in the north bay. right now relative humidity is still high, 85 to 89%. with those dry, north winds it will be dropping quickly. and the gusts anywhere from 40
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